Logo Image for I'On Village Walk designed by Mark Horton, Concept by Jason BellWelcome to the I'On Village Walks

The IOn Village Walks are two trails within the I'On Community in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.  The I'On Village walk, opened in 2002 covers the Eastern Half of the Community including the I'Onsborough, Eastlake and Shelmore Neighborhoods.  The Westwalk I'On, scheduled to be deployed March 10, 2007 covers the Western Half of the community, primarily the Ponsbury, Westlake and Montrose Neighborhoods.  These two trails each have a North and South loop, creating a walkable cloverleaf of trails covering the entire community with a total length of more than Eight miles.

Please note that these materials will be in a process of evolutionary change during 2007.  The Westwalk will be deployed on March 10, 2007 after a beta testing release which begun Feb. 18.  The Westwalk I'On will continue to be revised and corrected until early summer using feedback and test walks where visitors will navigate the trail unassisted while they're observed and notes are taken.  The Original I'On Village walk will be renamed the Eastwalk I'On and go through revision during the fall, including full GPS implementation, new maps, updated images and material coordinating it with the Westwalk I'On.  Finally several new Goecaches will be deployed.  This effort should be completed by the end of the year.  Both trails should be walkable now, but you'll encounter some nomenclature and problems as materials transition to the full, integrated trail system.  Some of the images on the original Village Walk are somewhat out of date, but we don't get reports of people being lost.  Being lost is something we're very much against.

We admit, however, that some people enjoy getting lost here and we find them wandering around all the time, far off either trail, enjoying themselves in the faith that some friendly I'On resident will direct them back to the Square or give them a golf car ride.  This always bothers us, but they assure us they just saw something off the trail and took off to look at it.

Materials on these pages are copyrighted 2002 & 2007 by William J. Hamilton.  Permission is granted for them to be duplicated and used solely by nonprofit groups for uncompensated distribution to persons using the trail.

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Westwalk I'On on the Web

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The Westwalk I'On in now in beta testing for full release to mark the 10th. Anniversary of the I'On Community.  This new 3.82 mile trail covers the western half of the community and with the I'On Village Walk, comprises a 9 mile, cloverleaf walking trail system.  The Westwalk can be taken as a GPS guided walk by downloading an available electronic route file. 

The Eastwalk I'On Village Walk Guidebook on the Web

A downloadable version of the entire guide in a PDF format is now available for printing, or saving to a diskette (1.22MB)

The abridged trail guide for young readers is available here, in the same PDF format and can also be printed or saved to diskette (1.14MB)

The annotated I'On Village Walk Guide- this version of the guide is designed to be viewed on-line and is an excellent way to see where you'll be going on your walk.  Each of these pages is linked to the next section of the trail and back to this page.  Commentary & multimedia content not in the printed guides can be found here

Other Materials

The I'On Village Walk (soon to be renamed Eastwalk I'On) takes 2.5 - 3 hours at a leisurely pace.  Plenty of opportunities exist along the route to rest, admire the view or chat with others enjoying IOns trails and sidewalks.  Sights along the trail include the Rookery Wildlife Refuge (with two observation towers), the Mt. Pleasant Amphitheater on Westlake, the 1.5 mile marshwalk along Shelmore and Hobcaw Creeks, the Eastlake nieghborhood and IOn Square.

A PDF version of the Eastwalk I'On (The Original I'On Village Walk) can be downloaded from this website.  Booklets can also be checked out of the Mathis Ferry Road, Mt. Pleasant Branch of the Charleston County Library.  The PDF and printed guides is optimized to be carried on the walk with additional illustrations to aid persons navigating the trail.  Some of these illustrations have been omitted here to shorten page download times.  This on-line guide contains additional background and text which would make the written portion of the printed guide too long.   This on-line site is a great way to prepare your group for their walk, but the PDF guide is needed to effectively navigate the trail.

Both trails begin and end on IOn Square where free parking is available.  Both OBrions Pub. Grazi's Shoe Cafe and Wine Bar and The Square Onion welcome walkers with fine food and hospitality.  Bathrooms are available at OBrions, Grazi's Shoe Cafe and Wine Bar and IOn Reality at IOn Square.

At this time the stock of trail patches has been exhausted.  We're working on a new package of publicity materials and recognition items to bring people to and recognize their use of the trail.

This web site contains all the resources you need to plan a walk along either trail.  If you need something beyond that Contact the Project.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a guided walk, Contact the Village Walk Project

Your Village Walk begins with an Introduction to our Trail.